Company History


At our German site, we are offering a heat treatment for printed parts as a service to our customers

Technical approval of a 3-D printer for copper alloys at Messrs. SLM Solutions in Lübeck and installation at our German site


Construction of a special area for 3-D printing in our production hall at our German site


Investment in the worldwide unique special machine for round bar production;
Capacity expansion of the Service center in Steinfeld-Hausen by a new production hall (Hall 7);
Relocation of the complete machine park to the new hall 7


Research and Development: AZ-1117-14
Generative production processes in tool and mould construction - ForNextGen - Additive multi-material construction of tools and moulds. Project within the framework of the Bavarian Research Foundation
Validity period: 01.09.2014 – 31.08.2017


Mr. Werner Bochmann handed over the management of SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH to Mr. Edgar Seufert (sales management) and Mr. Markus Heinrich (purchasing management).


Research and Development: EU – Cornet – Projec
Advanced Coil Design for Electromagnetic Pulse Technology (ACODEPT)
Validity period: 01.01.2012 – 31.12.2013

Research and Development: KU2315303TL2
Innovative welding tong systems for resistance welding based on composite and copper materials
 Validity period: 01.03.2012 – 31.03.2015

Research and Development: KF2315304FH2
Optimization of tribologically highly strained sliding surfaces in high-pressure pumps and motors in mobile hydraulics by using novel, lead-free copper alloys
 Validity period: 15.10.2012 – 31.12.2014


Research and Development: KF2315302CK1
Innovative machine components made of copper alloys with local wear protection by laser cladding for plastic injection moulding and light metal die casting
 Validity period: 01.11.2011 – 30.06.2014


Conversion of the biggest vacuum furnace in Hungary to a capacity of 1.900 kg

Permanent expansion of the CNC machinery park in Steinfeld-Hausen from 2010 to 2015


Research and Development: KF2315301CK9
Innovative components made of copper-based materials with local wear protection by laser cladding using the example of hot runner nozzle and pre-chamber bushing
Validity period: 01.07.2009 – 30.06.2011


Capacity expansion of the Service Centre in Steinfeld-Hausen by four CNC-machining centres;
Extension of the second office building in Steinfeld-Hausen by the second floor

Research and development: InnoSurface 16IN0587
Development of the innovative tools on the basis of surface-functionalized generatively manufactured mould inserts
Validity period: 01.01.2008 – 30.06.2011


Extension by a central warehouse (hall 6) with 1.250 m² storage area in Steinfeld-Hausen


Market launch of our own product line HOVATOP®, HOVABOND® und HOVAVENT®


Market launch of our aluminium bronzes HOVADUR® B


Occupation of a second office building in Steinfeld-Hausen.


Acquisition of the production plant SCHMELZMETALL Hungaria Kft, based in Budapest (Hungary) with vacuum melting and casting machines for casting weights of 10 kg, 550 kg and 1500 kg.


Market launch of our product lines HOVADUR®


Foundation of the Service Center SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH, based in Steinfeld-Hausen (Bavaria).


Conversion of the 1000 kg vacuum furnace to 1500 kg casting weight


Certification according to DIN ISO 9000 / SN ISO 9000 as one of the first Swiss companies


Commissioning of a 500 kg "two-chamber vacuum induction melting and casting plant" to increase the casting capacity


Development of the special alloy for the combustion chamber of the Ariane 5 rocket.

Expansion of the electrolysis plant for ultra-pure chromium in hall 1


Commissioning of a 1000 kg vacuum induction melting and casting plant.

Investment in a heat treatment plant.


Construction and facility installation of the production hall 5


Capacity expansion of the electrolysis plant for ultra-pure chromium


Commissioning of an automated band saw.

Investment in overhead travelling crane system for the copper warehouse.


Commissioning of a plate shear for cutting the copper cathodes


Expansion of mechanical processing for ingots and semi-finished products.


Increase of the melting capacity by a 300 kg vacuum induction furnace.


Foundation of SCHMELZMETALL AG, Headquarters in Gurtnellen (Switzerland).

Production of copper alloys in a 50 kg vacuum induction furnace.

Production of ultra-pure chromium in an electrolysis plant.