You find a great variety of bars at SCHMELZMETALL:

Our range comprises the following varieties in different alloys and dimensions:

  • Round bars
  • Square bars
  • Hexagonal bars
  • Octogonal bars
  • Flat bars
  • Profile bars

Your Special Dimension – Our Standard!

New possibilities for round bars in tried and true forged quality.

In order to meet your particular requirements, we have invested in a special machine.

Our modern production with “Rundstangen FIX” will bring about substantial benefits for you:

The forged round bars are quickly available. The forged structure increases the quality of the parts you are machining without increasing delivery times.

We are now able to produce round profiles in a range of Ø15-80 mm in all intermediate, closely gratuated sizes (e. g. Ø 19,5 mm; Ø 23,7 mm), tolerance according to DIN 2768. This will save you material and machining costs.

You can reduce your stock and save storage costs. Just order the quantity you need as we are able to deliver small quantities – also in bending quality and in solution heat treated condition - in a short period of time.

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