Powder & 3-D Printing


HOVADUR® powder for additive manufacturing such as Selective Laser Melting, Laser Metal Deposition und Metal Injection Molding is available from stock in our high-quality copper alloys HOVADUR® CCZ and HOVADUR® CNCS in different grain fractions.

HOVADUR® vacuum casting – for highest purity and best properties!

SLM 3-D printing of HOVADUR® copper alloys:

Parts produced by SLM (Selective Laser Melting) may be finished conventionally by machining in the same way as semi-finished rolled or forged materials. Please observe the contours which as a rule are executed more delicately.

Besides our alloys HOVADUR® CCZ and HOVADUR® CNCS already established in the market, we shall extend our range to parts made of all other HOVADUR® alloys.

Possibilities / limits in the SLM process:

  • Ra 15 to Ra 16
  • In case of angular parts, up to Ra 60 at the bevels
  • Tolerances +/-0,3 mm

YOUR advantages:

  • Nearly unlimited freedom in constructing your parts
  • Setting of the properties according to customer specifications and application by optimized post processes
  • Homogeneous structure all along the volume of the part


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