Description of material HOVADUR® K265:

HOVADUR® K265 is a thermally precipitation hardenable copper alloy. In heat treated condition, the alloy combines great hardness and high resistance to heat with good thermal conductivity. Due to vacuum technology and special processes clearly better properties compared to standard quality HOVADUR® K250 can be agreed.

Application examples HOVADUR® K265:

  • Mechanically highly strained mould part in mould making for plastic injection
  • Nozzles and hot channel systems in tools for plastic injection
  • Parts for tempering systems in mould making for plastic injection and die casting
  • Thermally high strained parts which are susceptible to fire cracks
  • Inserts in steel moulds in areas requiring a faster cooling rate


Details of properties or application of materials are for descriptive purposes only. Confirmation of suitability with regard to specific properties or applications require written agreement.