High Pressure Die Casting

High Pressure Die Casting (abbreviation HPDC) is an industrial casting procedure for series and mass production of construction parts. Due to their special properties, our HOVADUR® alloys are well established in die casting for decades.

Pistons made of HOVADUR®CNCS or CCNB have significant advantages compared to steel pistons:

  • Reduction of cycle time
  • Increase of service life of the shot chamber
  • Increase of productivity
  • Reduction of costs

Futhermore, SCHMELZMETALL provides its own Piston-Adapter System with different types of adapters: HOVADUR® KAS, KAS V, KAS R and KAS RR for cold chamber die casting which provides further advantages:

  • Optimized cooling due to improved circulation of the cooling agent
  • Very quick replacement of pistons without special tools
  • Connection between adapter and piston rod according to customer specification