Conventional production processes

Example of application of our HOVADUR® alloys for plastic injection moulds:

Modern injection tools have to provide best quality of the moulded part in shortest cycle time. At the same time, the heat introduced by the plastic has to be spread most quickly. This is the only way to achieve a homogeneous temperature along the mould wall and to avoid hot spots.

Furthermore, the temperature has to be brought down from injection temperature to demolding temperature in order to achieve shortest cycle times.

High thermal conductivity of the alloys used for the mould play a vital part.

We shall be glad to advise you how to make best use of the advantages of our alloys for your application. Please contact us!

Production of plastic screw caps:

Cycle time is reduced by 30% when using HOVADUR®K350 und K265!

Production of buckets:

Prevention of warp, increase in process reliability and considerable reduction of the cycle time by using Hovadur®K350!

Production of bottle crates:

Better mould filling and lower injection pressure by using HOVADUR® B-Legierungen!