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A successful start of professional life starts with finding the appropriate apprenticed profession and the right training company!

Even before finishing school, there are important questions to answer:

  • Which is the right profession for me?
  • Where do I get a well-grounded hands-on training?
  • Which training offers long-term security and good possibilities of advanced training?

Our alloys are used in many industries all over the world. What does it mean for YOU? It means a fascinating future in an international company with a stable professional environment where you can develop into an expert of your trade.

You can meet SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH already before starting into your professional life:

  • Girls Day
  • Internship
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Intership semester

Contact us!

If you start your technical or commercial training with SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH you will be in good hands.

Wir suchen in 2023 neue Auszubildende in GURTNELLEN für folgende Berufe:

Wir suchen in 2023 neue Auszubildende in STEINFELD-HAUSEN für folgende Berufe:

The team of SCHMELZMETALL is looking forward to your application (preferably by e-mail) and wishes you good luck!




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Fax +49 9359 9720 40

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