SN EN ISO 9001 : 2015
SCHMELZMETALL disposes of a group-wide management system. We are certified for the development, manufacturing and distribution of semi-finished and finished products made of copper and nickel alloys. Our certification partner is Bureau Veritas Certification.

European Aerospace Supplier Evaluation (ASD – EASE) – EADS Astrium
SCHMELZMETALL is certified by Astrium Space Transportation according to EN 9100 (excluding design) as manufacturer and distributor of semi-finished products made of copper and nickel alloys.

Food Safety Certification
EN13130 and CEN/TS 14234 – Alloys and products in contact with food The alloys HOVADUR® produced by SCHMELZMETALL are also suitable for applications in the field of food, packaging and pharmaceutical industry.

Environmental Management and Audit Scheme
We have in place a certified environment management according to the internationally recognized EMAS Regulation (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme).

Umweltpakt Bayern (Environmental Pact Bavaria)
SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH is member of the Umweltpakt Bayern.



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DE-97854 Steinfeld-Hausen

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Fax +49 9359 9720 40

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Copper Price

MTZ/copper surcharge 26.05.20

Basis LME 1700:
Q=3,99€/kg / M=3,20€/kg / T=3,51€/kg

Basis MK 200:
Q=4,41€/kg / M=3,59€/kg / T=3,93€/kg

€/CHF 1,06063

Explanation of terms:

MTZ = Copper surcharge
LME = London Metal Exchange
MK = Metal quotation
Q = Average of quarter
M = Average of month
T = Average of day
€/CHF = Exchange rate Euro / Swiss franc