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A successful start of professional life starts with finding the appropriate apprenticed profession and the right training company!

Even before finishing school, there are important questions to answer:

  • Which is the right profession for me?
  • Where do I get a well-grounded hands-on training?
  • Which training offers long-term security and good possibilities of advanced training?

Our alloys are used in many industries all over the world. What does it mean for YOU? It means a fascinating future in an international company with a stable professional environment where you can develop into an expert of your trade.

You can meet SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH already before starting into your professional life:

  • Girls Day
  • Internship
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Internship semester

Contact us!

If you start your technical or commercial training with SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH you will be in good hands.

Wir suchen in STEINFELD-HAUSEN für 2022 neue Auszubildende für folgende Berufe:

The team of SCHMELZMETALL is looking forward to your application (preferably by e-mail) and wishes you good luck!

Applications either by e-mail to or by post mail to:

Raiffeisenstraße 8
DE-97854 Steinfeld-Hausen


Raiffeisenstrasse 8
DE-97854 Steinfeld-Hausen

Tel +49 9359 9720 0
Fax +49 9359 9720 40

E-Mail senden

MTZ surcharge 30.09.22

€/CHF 0,95608

Basis MK 200:
Q=8,56€/kg / M=7,10€/kg / T=7,22€/kg

Q=8,88CHF/kg / M=6,83CHF/kg / T=6,82HF/kg


Explanation of terms:

MTZ = Copper surcharge
LME = London Metal Exchange
MK = Metal quotation
Q = Average of quarter
M = Average of month
T = Average of day
€/CHF = Exchange rate Euro / Swiss franc