SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH (德国)

SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH was founded in 1997 as a service center located in Steinfeld-Hausen (Bavaria).

Fields of activity

SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH organizes the worldwide sale of our HOVADUR® alloys and our brands HOVADUR®, HOVATOP®, HOVABOND® and HOVAVENT®. Due to our central stock, we are able to supply you a wide range of semi-finished products quickly from stock. We also produce finished parts according to your specification in our own machine center.


The worldwide sale is organized by SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH. Our staff will be glad to advise you:

  • 8 sales back office employees
  • 6 sales representatives all over Europe (CH, DE, FR, PL, AT, SK, CZ, ES, PT)
  • 1 Product manager with focus on plastic injection moulding; HP-DC)
  • 20 sales partners all over the world (10 of them in Europe)