SCHMELZMETALL has determined that all of our metal products, produced in and distributed throughout the EU, are articles. This determination is based on the requirements for substances in articles, classifying metals in massive or wrought form as articles. According to this guidance document, substances in articles do not need to be pre-registered or registered, unless a substance exceeds 1 metric tonne per year per manufacturer or importer and the substance is intentionally released from the article. Normal processing of our products such as machining, grinding, welding, etc., as well as normal wear and tear, are not considered as intentional releases.

SCHMELZMETALL has pre-registered …
Even though our customers buy articles all substances in our products which do exceed 1 metric tonne per year are pre-registered through our unit SCHMELZMETALL Deutschland GmbH. SCHMELZMETALL will ensure that the use(s) of our products are registered and that Data Sheets will be developed and provided in accordance with REACH and the Global Harmonized System (GHS) requirements.

SCHMELZMETALL is member of the Beryllium-Consortium and member of various SIEF’s …
SCHMELZMETALL joined the Beryllium–Consortium and is participating in various SIEF’s.