Description of material HOVADUR® CNCS-EH:

HOVADUR® CNCS-EH is a thermally precipitation hardenable copper-nickel-silicium alloy with addition of chromium. The alloy is optimized for high hardness and strength. At the same time, it shows sufficient thermal conductivity combined with good resistance to corrosion and abrasion. HOVADUR® CNCS-EH is applied in many cases which require a Be-free alloy.

Application examples HOVADUR® CNCS-EH:

  • Die casting pistons in cold chamber die casting machines, cooling inserts in moulds, moulds for non-ferrous metal casting (e. g. low pressure casting).
  • Hot pressed parts for electrical engineering, fittings, braces and fixing elements for high strain, especially for aerial wire and marine applications.
  • Be-free alternative for electrodes for resistance welding.


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